ROBERT SAXTON, PIANO MUSIC, with Toccata Classics

Clare released a disc for Toccata Classics, of solo piano music by British composer Robert Saxton, on 2 March 2018. This includes a recording of Robert's Chacony (1988) and Sonata for Piano (1981) alongside three world premiere recordings: Hortus Musicae Book 1 (2013), Hortus Musicae Book 2 (2015) and the Lullaby for Rosa (2016). The disc was selected as one of the Top 10 contemporary albums of 2018 in The Sunday Times.

▸ Download the press release as a .docx or a .pdf file.

▸ Read Clare's blog post on the disc here.

▸ The disc is available from Toccata Classics and iTunes.

Album Cover
Design © David Baker
Robert Saxton
© Katie Vandyck
Clare Hammond
© Julie Kim

Audio demos

Chacony for piano left hand

Hortus Musicae, Book 1, m. 3 'Hortus Cantus'

Hortus Musicae, Book 2, m. 7 'Hortus Animae Alis Fugacis'

With the permission of Toccata Classics.


This disc has been supported by the RVW Trust.