Ghosts and Whispers

An unbroken sequence of fragments, last thoughts, elegies and absences by Schubert, Mozart, Wagner, Janáček, Stravinsky, Jacquet de la Guerre and Schumann, inter-leaved with movements from John Woolrich's Pianobooks.

Ideal for a haunted or derelict space, this programme for piano and film is staged with dimmed lights in a hushed acoustic. The audience is immersed in an unpredictable and unsettling succession of differing sound worlds, perpetually disorientated by a succession of shadows, illusions and broken promises that gradually slides into darkness, erasure and death.

The programme is performed alongside images from the Quay Brothers, specially conceived for the project, and lasts an hour. It has been featured at festivals across the UK, in Lisbon, at the Fundación Juan March in Madrid, and sold out at the Barbican in London. Musical Opinion praised its "deliciously disorientating effect" and "magical conclusion".

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