Contemporary Repertoire

Adams, John
  • I Still Play - pocket variations for solo piano
Adès, Thomas
  • Mazurkas, Op. 27
  • Darknesse Visible
Anderson, Julian
  • Études Nos. 1-4
Ashton, Kim
  • Ornithology º
Attahir, Benjamin
  • Sahirat º
Barnard, Richard
  • Neanderthal Ballads º
Beamish, Sally
  • Voices in Silence
Berkeley, Michael
  • Haiku º
Betteridge, Michael
  • Nostalgic Music
Birchall, Richard
  • Abstracts
Birtwistle, Harrison
  • Variations from the Golden Mountain
Brown, James Francis
  • The Silent Hour
Campbell, Ewan
  • Flight of the Killer Bee º
Casken, John
  • Six Wooded Pieces
Chin, Unsuk
  • Études Nos. 1-6
Davies, Hywel
  • Elternszenen º
El-Turk, Bushra
  • Ostinato
Finnis, Edmund
  • Youth º
  • Lullaby for Emme º
Gardner, Stephen
  • Play º
Glass, Philip
  • Etudes, Nos. 3-4, 11-12
Gorb, Adam
  • Velocity º
  • 24 Preludes º
Gordon, Michael Zev
  • Diary Pieces (2018)
Grange, Philip
  • Piano Polyptych
Hayes, Malcolm
  • From the Purgatorio of Dante
Hellawell, Piers
  • Das Leonora Notenbuch
  • Basho
  • Piani, Latebre
Hesketh, Kenneth
  • Horae (pro clara) º
  • Hände for piano and film º
  • Heu, heu, heu...
  • Lullaby of the Land Beyond
  • Magic Casements
  • Notte Oscura
  • Poetic Conceits
  • Pour Henri
  • Three Japanese Miniatures
  • Auszüge aus einem kleinen Totenbuch
  • Le Jongleur Joue, Les Cloches Sonnent º
Holloway, Robin
  • Sarabande, Scherzo and Song
Hopkins, John
  • Corona di Sonetti º
Howard, Joseph
  • Rupture
Hughes, Ed
  • Orchids, No. 5
  • The Nose for piano and film º
Kapustin, Nikolai
  • Five Studies in Different Intervals, Op. 68
Keeling, Andrew
  • Coniunctio º
Knussen, Oli
  • Prayer Bell Sketch
Lachenmann, Helmut
  • 5 Variations on a Theme of Franz Schubert
Lane, Liz
  • Ballad
Ligeti, György
  • Études Nos. 10-12 (En suspens, Der Zauberlehrling, Entrelacs)
Lorieux, Grégoire
  • Portrait prémonitoire d'Olivier Messiaen (with electronics)
Lutyens, Elisabeth
  • Five Bagatelles
Mawhinney, Simon
  • Ravara, Nos. 1-4
McCabe, John
  • Lamentation Rag
McDowall, Cecilia
  • Colour is the Keyboard
Metcalf, John
  • Endless Song
Molloy, Ryan
  • Sætre Brygge
Moussa, Samy
  • A l'assaut des jardins
Mumford, Jeffrey
  • of ringing and layered space, I. Jenny II. Lura
O'Regan, Tarik
  • Three Piano Miniatures
  • Lines of Desire
Panufnik, Roxanna
  • Second Home
  • Glo
  • Modlitwa, jointly composed with Andrzej Panufnik
Pärt, Arvo
  • Für Alina
Peate, Robert
  • Pearl º
Pointon, Malcolm
  • 5 Epigrams and an Epiphonema
Raftery, Kevin
  • Cook from Frozen
Reeves, Camden
  • Notturno
Samuel, Rhian
  • A Garland for Anne
Saxton, Robert
  • Chacony for left hand alone
  • Hortus Musicae, Books 1 and 2 º
  • Sonata
  • Lullaby for Rosa º
Shao, Litang
  • Piu Sik
Sierra, Arlene
  • 'Sarus Crane', 'Cornish Bantam' and 'Titmouse' from Birds and Insects, Book 1
  • 'Black and White Warbler' and 'Painted Bunting' from Birds and Insects, Book 2 º
Simaku, Thomas
  • Raggio Lunare
Sun Keting, Rockey
  • us, the most fleeting of all º
Swayne, Giles
  • Bagatelles Nos. 1-4 º
Tabakova, Dobrinka
  • Halo
Takemitsu, Toru
  • Rain Tree Sketch II
Tann, Hilary
  • Doppelgänger
Tavener, John
  • Zodiacs
Turnage, Mark-Anthony Turnage
  • True Life Stories
Vine, Carl
  • Five Bagatelles
Watkins, Huw
  • Four Spencer Pieces
Whalley, Richard
  • Five Preludes
Wiancko, Paul
  • Mars Anthem (Our Rusty Planet) º
Woolrich, John
  • Pianobook XI
  • Aquarelles: a series of five miniatures written to celebrate the Debussy Centenary by composers James Francis Brown, David Matthews, Peter Fribbins, Alan Mills and Robin Walker º
  • Haydn Fantasies for John McCabe: by composers James Francis Brown, Peter Fribbins, John Hawkins, David Matthews, Alan Mills, Matthew Taylor and Hugh Wood

º Works with an asterix were premiered by Clare