Prison Concerts

Clare regularly performs in prisons across the UK, recounting stories behind the pieces and what the composers were going through at the time. By relating the challenges they faced, and by drawing on her own experience, Clare shows how music can inspire, console and heal.

Since 2018, Clare has given 33 concerts in 10 prisons across the South-West, and adjudicated for the Koestler Awards. Read Jailhouse Moose's article describing a recital at HMP Erlestoke, Clare's own account of her postnatal depression and prison performances, and read articles in the Music Teacher and Classical Music Magazines.

One listener commented that "afterwards, talking with the audience, there's a mixture of contentment, excitement and bemusement that they have been part of such a wonderful thing in such a sorrowful place." Clare is grateful to Arts Council England and the Scops Arts Trust for supporting this work, and to Changing Tunes for their help and encouragement.

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