Reflections - the solo piano works of Andrzej and Roxanna Panufnik in American Record Guide

"performs with authority and great imagination" — Haskins

I believe this is all of Andrzej Panufnik's (1914-91) piano works. The two most extensive ones - Reflections (1968) and Pentasonata (1984) - have been performed previously by Raymond Clarke on Divine Arts and enthusiastically reviewed by Mr Sullivan (Mar / Apr 2003). This release also includes the 12 Miniature Studies (1947, rev. 1955 & 1964) along with two other works, Hommage à Chopin (1949 & 1955, arr. 2013) and Prayer (1990 & 1999, arr. 2013), arranged or with newly composed additions by the composer's daughter, Roxanna.

Though Panufnik is known principally as an orchestral composer, his piano music shows a sensitive and masterly understanding of the instrument's tonal resources as well as a variety of playing styles and textures, deftly illustrated in the brief but compelling Studies. The idiom is dissonant, but with conventional phrasing and, from time to time, a suggestion of a kind of tonal hierarchy.

Clare Hammond, who was a central figure in the Panufnik centenary of 2014, performs with authority and great imagination. She includes two works by Roxanna, Second Home (2003, rev. 2006) and Glo (2002): the former, her first work for piano, is a series of arresting variations on a Polish folk song; it is by turns lyrical and richly chordal. Glo is a short work written in memory of a friend who died of cancer. The BIS sound is, as usual, stunning.