Reflections - the solo piano works of Andrzej and Roxanna Panufnik in International Piano

"A fascinating compendium, expertly executed" — CJ

Released to mark the centenary of the birth of Polish composer Andrzej Panufnik, this disc is the first recording to present the works of both Andrzej and his daughter Roxanna side by side. The Panufniks have found a worthy champion in Clare Hammond, whose intelligent performances balance emotional reserve with witty characterisation. The collection includes four world premiere recordings: Hommage à Chopin (written by Andrzej in 1949/55 and arranged by Roxanna in 2013); Glo; Second Home (both by Roxanna); and Modlitwa (penned by father and daughter as co-composers). Hammond, who has worked closely with Roxanna, captures both the brilliance and the brooding in these works. Modlitwa (‘Prayer’, 1990/99, arr 2013), was originally written for voice and keyboard; its sparse textures use mainly the middle to upper registers, creating an ethereal quality. Second Home is Roxanna’s first piece for piano. A set of variations on a Polish folk theme, it is curiously evocative, with ample use of the pedal. A fascinating compendium, expertly executed.